The SGP Linear Blitz Case for iPhone 4S and iPhone is simply beautiful and the attention to detail is exquisite. The SGP Linear Blitz Case has rounded, two metallic-looking sides. The main, top part is finished in champagne gold while the the lower portion is finished in satin sliver. The back comes in red, gunmetal gray, and black. I took a look at the red version and... my, oh my.

SGP Linear Blitz Case for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 review

The gold and silver sections of the side treatment aren't just decorative, they're functional. They come up slightly higher than the edges of your iPhone to protect it should you desire to put it face down on the table. They also delineate where the SHP Linear Blitz Case comes apart. To take it off, simply remove the bottom section, slip the metal backplate out, and take off the top.

Champagne gold and sating silver sides make for an elegant two-tone look that really sets off the brushed metal back.

There are good sized cutouts for all the ports. The ones around the dock port, 3.5mm headset jack, sleep/wake button, camera, and volume controls are all well crafted and well spaced. The one around the Apple logo is just stunning. Instead of the usual circle, they've traced the edges of the logo. They've also got the same metallic finish as the edges of the case, and it really shines against the brushed red of the backplate.

The precision, diamond cut hole around the Apple logo is stunning, especially with a rainbow backplate mod

(I couldn't resist combining it with the the rainbow Apple logo backplate mod I reviewed previously. And yeah, wow.)

Now some may worry about the size of the case and it is bigger than a skin case. It's supposed to be.The SGP Linear Blitz Case isn't about minimalism. It's about protecting your iPhone and being stylish about it.

The attention to detail, fit, and finish is amazing.

The good

  • Stunning looking
  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Apple logo cutout

The bad

  • Bulkier than a skin case

The bottom line

The SGP Linear Blitz is simply one of the hottest iPhone cases I've ever seen. It's bulkier than ultra-light or feather cases, but offers more protection. The Apple logo cutout is simply amazing. If you don't mind trading a little extra size for incredible good looks, the SGP Linear Blitz Case is for you.

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