Shadowgun developer announces zombie shooter for iOS called Dead Trigger

Madfinger Games has announced a new zombie title for iOS and Android at E3 called Dead Trigger, which looks absolutely disgusting. Of course by "disgusting", I mean awesome. By all accounts, it looks like a pretty standard run-and-gun shoot 'em up, but the video does show some interesting melee combat which uses pinch gestures, and there's a random mission generator to keep gameplay interesting. Details beyond that are sketchy, but there are going to be a few survival elements too, like scouting the city and gathering supplies. There's also going to be an online stat tracker which will let you see how well your country is doing on international leaderboards.

Madfinger has traditionally done a great job of making good-looking games, and though the developer tends to be a bit of a poster boy for Nvidia processors, I'm interested in seeing if they do any optimization for the new iPad's resolution. You can see in the second video below that the version of the game for devices with Nvidia processors has quite a few more bells and whistles, and it would be a shame if iOS was left out of that party.

Although it's not quite console quality, I have a feeling I'll have almost as fun playing this as I did the Left 4 Dead games, provided of course that there's some kind of multiplayer included. It's funny to see some of the YouTube comments where someone says the game looks terrible until they realize that it's for mobile and not for console, which causes a 180-degree spin in opinion. That said, it's clear that the bottom of the barrel for consoles is the upper crust for mobile; how long will it take to close that gap and we start comparing the two on relatively even scales? Will mobile graphics ever get that far? Does it even need to?

Head on over to Madfinger Games for more info and screenshots of Dead Trigger.