Shadowrun Online, the turn-based, isometric massively multiplay online game from Cliffhanger Productions, will soon be available to players on Steam Early Access. The Early Access period serves as a prequel to the first campaign for Shadowrun Online, Lockdown, and will focus on combat mechanics.

The release will contain a PvP map, two characters, and four missions, along with basic character skills. Cliffhanger stresses that this is not the finished product, but rather a limited, combat-focused release meant to give feedback to the developer, letting them tighten gameplay before the full release of the game later this year. Cliffhanger will provide smaller updates as the Early Access period goes on.

Shadowrun Online will be available on Steam Early Access on Monday, March 31. The game will be available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android when it launches properly in Q4 of 2014.