Shadowrun Returns logo

Shadowrun fans will be happy to hear that a new game in the classic cyberpunk setting is well on its way thanks to Kickstarter, and that we'll be seeing it on iOS and Android tablets. Funding wraps up this Sunday, and they're already blown past their $400,000 goal with over $1.6 million from fans.

Much like Tim Schafer's upcoming Kickstarted title, Shadowrun Returns promises to be a throwback to an old-school game style that hasn't been supported by publishers for awhile.  In this case, it will be a turn-based 2D game, which is consistent with its tabletop role-playing game roots. Missions take place on physical, digital, mystical, and astral planes simultaneously, which should offer a breadth of tactical possibilities. Though that might not be particularly exciting for folks looking for bleeding-edge 3D shoot-em-ups on iPad, the game takes place in a a well-established high-tech dystopian world where magic and technology coexist. You can expect a ton of replay value, as the developer will also be making the level editor available for players to create and share their own adventures online. Unfortunately, there won't be any multiplayer this go-around; for that kind of thing you might be interested in Roll20, which is also wrapping up its funding soon.

As great as it is to see Shadowrun getting a proper do-over, it's sad to see new and innovative titles like République falling well behind their goals. In any case, here's the trailer, and here's the Kickstarter page if you want to pledge. $15 gets you a copy of the game, $60 gets you a shirt on top of that, and $125 gets you some really sweet dogtags loaded with the game soundtrack.