SHAPE Services, who you may know from IM+ or Business Card Reader for the iPhone shared some screenshots of their upcoming apps with us, including: IM+ for iPad, RDM+ for iPad, and iDisplay.

  • IM+ is, of course, their popular instant messenger app for the iPhone scaled up for the big 1024x768 pixel iPad screen. Supports MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM, Jabber, ICQ, Facebook, MySpace, Skype and Twitter.

  • RDM+ is Remote Desktop for Mobiles, which will let you access your PC, even through NAT and Firewalls. Just imagine sitting at your sofa with your office or den computer magically held in your iPad display.

  • iDisplay, which will follow later, lets you turn your iPad or iPhone into a an extra Mac side monitor. A universal binary, it will automatically detect if you're running it on iPad or on a smaller iPhone or iPod touch screen, and let you span your desktop to fill the extra space. Think of it as a dual display, only you don't have to buy another screen -- just use your Apple mobile!

While anything can change between now and Saturday, we hope to see at least a couple of these apps on the iPad ASAP.

Screen shots after the break!

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