Share awesome new iPad Retina wallpapers -- every day!

Cases may let us mix up what our iPads look like on the outside, but to keep things fresh and fun on the inside, we need awesome iPad wallpapers for the Lock screen and Home screen. And we need them in Retina display resolution (that's 2048x2048 in this case -- needs to be rotatable). Sure, Apple provides a lot of really high quality, really beautiful looking wallpapers built right in, but for some of us, there are never enough.

Apple's also tend to focus on nature and texture, which is great (the new ones released in iOS 5 are all water-themed). But some people prefer more tech-styled, electronic wallpapers. Some prefer photos of family or friends, or favorite movies, TV shows, or musicians. Some even like their iPad wallpapers a little more naughty than nice (hey, we're not here to judge!)

Whatever your tastes may be, we've updated our official iMore wallpapers for the new iPad retina display, and created a new thread in the forums where you can share and find great new iPad retina wallpapers every day.

To grab the wallpaper above, and the more subdued gray version -- I prefer color on my Lock screen, gray on my Home screen so it doesn't clash with icons -- just hit the link below. (You have to be logged into the forums to download images, but membership is fast and free and also lets you post your own wallpapers -- please do! -- and engage with the best damn iOS community on the plant!)