Brace yourself, folks. iPhone and iPad owners will soon get to battle sharks tossed into the air by tornadoes in the upcoming, and completely official, Sharknado game

The game takes its inspiration, if you want to call it that, on the Z-movie about sharks attacking Los Angeles thanks to a really powerful storm. The "bad and we know it" movie became a social media hit when it was released a year ago on the Syfy cable channel. The game will be launched in time for the movie's sequel, Sharknado 2: The Second One, will will debut on Syfy July 30.

Other Ocean is handling the development for the game, which will be published by Majesco Entertainment. The game will actually be based on the sequel movie, which moves the action to New York City. Players will be "racing through Manhattan bouncing off the backs of tiger sharks and wielding chainsaws from inside the Sharknado."

The game will likely be free to download when it is released, with plans to offer in-game purchases to give the players even more ways to kill the flying sharks. Of course, it's hard to believe anything can beat killing it with a chainsaw.

If the mobile game is successful, Syfy and Majesco could make another Sharknado title for game consoles. You have been warned.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter