Music identification app Shazam has added support for Apple Music, ahead of the launch of the service next Tuesday, June 30. When Shazam identifies a new song, it will give you the option to listen to the track in Apple Music, which, for the first three months, will be free to you.

Shazam has also added counts to tracks, letting you see how many times people have identified a particular song. Check out all of the changes below.

Shazam is ready for the launch of Apple Music on June 30! As you discover music, tap the Apple Music button to experience it all for three months, free.

While you're there, make sure you don't miss…

  • Shazam counts! We'll now tell you exactly how many people have Shazamed each and every track.
  • Easier playlisting. Tap the icon in the top right to add the track to your Spotify or Rdio playlists, or to pop it into My Shazam.

That Shazam has already added support for Apple Music is no surprise, the company has closely partnered with Apple before, and drive the music identification feature found in Siri.

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