Shazam Mac

Shazam has released an app for OS X, enabling Mac owners to have the music recognition service integrate with the menu bar (in an "always on" state) and tag any songs it hears while running in the background. Selecting the new icon resting neatly on the upper-bar will reveal an interface is with the latest tags and links to iTunes, but the app itself will notify users through on-screen alerts when music or shows have been successfully detected and tagged. It's a neat expansion on a popular servie used by many.

The company states that the app is less focused on identifying music and more on helping users engage with artists and/or songs. This means other services will be pushed through as well as tagging. It's believed Shazam will look at extra functionality to build on top of foundations already set, not to mention monetization channels. It's an early experiment but one we're sure many Mac owners will find invaluable.

Have you tried out the app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: The Next Web

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