Shazam update adds new track page, better sharing, and more!

Shazam has been updated to version 7.5, adding a redesigned track page, improved sharing, and improved Rdio support. In addition to the redesigned track page, videos, along with album and track reviews, have a new look and feel as well.

Immprovements have been made in this update to make it easier to get the most out of Shazam. The app now features better integration with sharing services, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp and Pinterest. The new lyrics design starts streaming on a track page immediately so you can see the words in time with the music. Discographies and biographies promise to be more engaging and more informative.

There are smaller improvements as well. Rdio users can now add a track directly to one of their playlists right from Shazam. Auto Shazam is more reliable. Users can also connect to Facebook to see what they're friends are finding with Shazam, and to share your discoveries through the Share screen. There is also better news feed and notification control.

You can download this update to Shazam right now from the App Store.

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