Sherpa becomes Osito: A predictive intelligence app that makes your iPhone even smarter

Osito, formerly known as Sherpa, is a predictive intelligence iPhone app that grabs the important information about your day-to-day life and keeps you informed about what's happening next. For example, if you have an important meeting 30 minutes away, Osito will let you know if you need to leave early because of traffic and inform you about the weather conditions at the location of your meeting.

Osito learns what you need based on your location, calendar, email, and daily routine. That's right, Osito will learn your commute and give you a heads-up if you need to make any adjustments due to traffic or weather.

If you're traveling, Osito will alert you about your flight 24-hours before departure and bring up your travel itinerary and boarding pass when you arrive at the airport.

Not only does Osito keep you informed about your day, it also includes actionable items such as checking into your flight, calling a taxi, 1-click directions to your hotel, and more.

I am very excited to see Osito in action. I've only just downloaded the app, so it hasn't done much for me, but it'll be interesting to see how Osito performs in the coming weeks.

Has anyone picked up Osito, yet? What do you think?

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