Taking a break from not buying Yahoo! and single-handidly driving the internet Monkey Boy dance phenomena, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer decided to throw a little advice Apple CEO Steve Jobs' way: Break up the iPhone! (Please!)

Right now, of course, Apple tightly integrates both the iPhone hardware and software, just like they do with the Mac. This gives them unrivaled fit and finish and ensures developers (and consumers) a unified platform, end to end. It also ensures Apple -- who makes their money on hardware, not software -- very good margins and, thus far, very profitable business.

Enter Steve Ballmer's plea, according to Ars Technica:

[Ballmer]'s expecting Apple to do poorly in both the smartphone and notebook markets over the next five years, mostly because the company continues to stand by its rather un-Microsoft-like integration of both proprietary software and proprietary hardware.

For the full video interview, see ZDnet.

For a reality check, see how the current iPhone model has rejuvenated an industry and led to a bevy of iClones, while Ballmer's Windows Mobile 7 has been pushed back to 2009, meaning we won't even begin to see a 2007 iPhone competitive device running anything Microsoft until 2010...

So, yeah, we're sure Jobs will get right on that...

But what do you think? Should Apple scrap the iPhone model and go the Microsoft route?