Will Apple bring the iOS 7 design language to OS X? [Poll]

Should Apple bring iOS 7's new, clarified, deferential, depth-driven look and feel OS X? For the last few years Apple has worked diligently and deliberately to bring iOS nomenclature and metaphors back to the Mac, and create a more consistent experience between their two platforms. Right now, however, iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks couldn't look further apart.

iOS 7 has an all-new physics and particle engine, making it feel like a collection of objects in space, and work more like a video game, as well as a completely new paint job with icons and interface elements the likes of which we've never seen on an Apple product before. They've both had their richly rendered textures removed, but where Mavericks lost the old leather, it didn't lose it's Aqua-era gloss, at least not entirely. It didn't gain any of the new modern, ultra-thin, color-tinted look, at least not yet.

Macs are often said to enjoy a halo effect from iOS devices. People buy iPhones and iPads and then start considering the Macs well. For the last few years, no matter how different the two platforms, the interfaces looked similar -- and more importantly, familiar -- enough that the Mac was approachable to iOS users in a very direct and comforting way.

Likewise, Jony Ive is now vice president of all design, not just hardware, and not just iOS. It's not unreasonable to think his grand digital plans will eventually encompass future versions of OS X, as well. (Even the best designer and design teams in the world can't do everything at once.)

On the surface it feels more like a question of when, not if, Apple's platforms regain their semblance of uniformity. And of what iOS looks like by then, and how well it's translated to OS X.