It looks like Dexter will be hacking his way into the App Store and onto your iPhone!

If you have not watched Showtime's Dexter on Sunday nights you have no idea of what you are missing. And what a time it is right now to be a fan, as Showtime has just extended Dexter for another 2 seasons. (I know forum member Reaktor5 will be pleased with this information.)

According to

Developed by Icarus Studios, the video game debut of Dexter will stay true to the TV series, putting players into "investigative" style gameplay. In the show, the main man Dexter Morgan is a blood-splatter analyst for the police, although his fascination for blood isn't professional at all times. In the game, players will analyze crime scenes, uncover evidence and ultimately decide whether to turn in a suspect to the cops or have Dexter do what he does best--yes, just like the TV show.

Keep your eyes open for Dexter coming to the iPhone sometime before the end of the year.