Sid Meier's Starships

Sid Meier's Starships, the space-based strategy game that was first announced in mid-January now has a firm release date and price for the iPad and Mac. The latest effort from the legendary game developer and his team at Firaxis Games will be released on March 12 for $15.

The release date and price was first revealed today via a hands-on preview of Sid Meier's Starships by Pocket Tactics. It states:

You have one (and only one) pawn on this board: your fleet of starships, which you dispatch around the galaxy, taking on missions to earn the loyalty of these planets. Prove yourself a steadfast and noble ally to the people of Pavonis 58 by killing some pirates or putting down a rebellion and they'll join your empire, growing your borders and granting you more resources.

Previously, the game's publisher 2K Games stated that folks who own Firaxis' 2014 released title Civilization: Beyond Earth who decide to get Sid Meier's Starships would see some special links between both games that 2K claimed would "enhance and expand upon both game experiences." A few days ago, a post on the official Civilization website detailed how those links would be established:

Both the Starships and Beyond Earth teams have been interested in the idea of having two separate games able to pass information between them, and what that might mean for players. This is our first experiment with this cross-game connectivity. We're handling this through my2K. If you log into your my2K account within Starships or Beyond Earth, then we will be able to establish a connection between the two games. If you don't already have a my2K account, you'll need to create one. For now, this system works for Beyond Earth and Starships, but may extend to future titles as well. The first time you log into your my2K account from Beyond Earth, you will get an exclusive map: the Glacier planet. The my2K system has been used on other 2K titles previously, including Firaxis' Haunted Hollow.

Source: Pocket Tactics