Sigma is a puzzle matching game for the iPhone. It is well made and fun to play.

The goal of Sigma is to match three blocks of the same color to blow them up and get points. This game is played in landscape, and on each side of the screen there is a roll of colored blocks. If you tap on the left of the screen, then the center block on that roll will shoot to the right side (and vice versa). Once you make a match, you have a few seconds to add more blocks. The more blocks in your match, the higher your score.

Matching five, six, seven or eight blocks produces special blocks. With five, you are given a block that when used in a match, blows up every block in that row. A match of six gives a block that blows up every block in that row and column. The special block when matching seven is a color bomb, which blows of every block of the color it is matched with. Lastly, a match of eight blocks creates a nuke bomb that blows up every block on the screen.

Sigma has three game modes: Sector, Time Attack, and Multiplayer. In sector mode, the goal is to clear blocks as fast as you can to fill up the progress bar before time runs out. In Time Attack Mode, the goal is to get the highest score possible within the time limit of one, five, or ten minutes. You can play against a friend via wifi or bluetooth in Multiplayer Mode. The fun twist is that if you fill the progress bar, an obstacle block will appear on your opponents screen.

If you like matching games, I guarantee you'll enjoy Sigma. It is designed well, fun to play, and a challenge to score high. If you decided to pick this on up, let us know what you think!

Video and screenshots after the break!


  • Great Design
  • Interesting take to a match 3 game
  • Challenging and fun
  • Connected to Plus+ network


  • Could not think of any! The game runs perfect.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

TiPb iPhone 5-star rated

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