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Simplicity Teas curates and blends teas for both taste and purpose. Each month, you can learn about the healthful benefits of tea as you sip.

Curated with intention

Simplicity Teas Subscription Box

Simplicity Teas Subscription Box

Bottom line: Enjoy excellent teas with a purpose in mind.

The Good

  • Delicious variety of curated, organic teas
  • Two subscription box sizes
  • Auto-renew, cancel anytime
  • Teas with purpose
  • Teas can be steeped twice
  • First box come with an infuser

The Bad

  • You can't pick the teas yourself

Simply yummy

Simplicity Teas Subscription Box : Features

Simplicity Teas Subscription BoxSource: Karen S. Freeman / iMore

Simplicity Teas offers two different sizes of subscription boxes: a smaller one with two teas and a larger one with four. The teas come in either vials or baggies. The larger vials contain enough tea to make up to 10 cups, while the smaller ones have enough for 6-8 cups. Each mini box contains two different teas, a baggie (10 cups), and a smaller vial (6-8 cups). So, you can make up to 18 cups from the mini box. The regular size box, which I received, comes with four teas. There are two baggies and two larger vials. So, the entire box contains enough tea for 40 cups of tea. Note that the regular box comes with free shipping, while the mini box does not.

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The instructions say to use one teaspoon of tea for eight ounces of water, and I found that those proportions worked nicely with all of these teas. They also say you can re-infuse your tea leaves, but I don't like to do that myself.

Here are the teas that came in my regular-sized subscription box. As always, my tastes are my own, and your experience with the same teas could vary significantly.

  • Lady Lavender: "Our signature blend. Perfect balance. Unique flavor. Calming." Delicious! This black tea is blended with lavender, orange, blue flowers, vanilla, and bergamot. The bergamot (Earl Gray flavor) and vanilla stood out to me the most. I thought this was best hot; it tasted bitter to me when iced.
  • Summer Day: "The holy grail of antioxidants. Perfect iced or hot." It's a white tea with peach, lavender, and marigold. This is delicate, peachy, and I love it. Also very nice iced.
  • Coconut Grove: "Great iced! Coconut, cornflowers, and pouchong tea. Tropical, velvety, and smooth." This is yummy. I can definitely taste the coconut. It's good iced, too.
  • Hug in a Mug: "Perfect warming blend. Hints of hazelnut and caramel. Best made with a fine strainer." This is an interesting herbal rooibos blend with apple, caramel, cocoa, hazelnut, and more. The rooibos taste dominates; I get definite caramel taste as well. This tastes more like an autumn tea; I was surprised to get it in a summer subscription box. It's good iced too; it just seems sort of odd that way.

I love drinking tea just for the taste, but I like that it's healthy too.

The first box you order comes with a silicone infuser that you fill and drop into your mug of hot water. You can upgrade to the silicone and metal infuser that came in my box if you prefer. It even has its own silicone rest to place it on when you're done brewing. My box also came with a fabric bag infuser. I won't really use either of the infusers they sent. The idea of cleaning the fabric well enough to use in my tea seems daunting. I tried the metal/silicone infuser, but the holes in it are just too large. They let quite a bit of tea "grit" through to sit in the bottom of my mug. I prefer using my own infuser instead.

You can pre-purchase three months at a time with the regular-sized box, but the mini box must be month-by-month. Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel, which you can do anytime. The Simplicity Teas team chooses the teas each month, so you don't get to pick. However, if you just want to order a particular tea, you can order it from their site. You can select the tea you want, or you can filter by health benefit to try something new.

Yummy and healthy

Simplicity Teas Subscription Box : What I like

I'm happy to drink tea just for the taste of it, and I drink it year-round, either hot or iced. I like that Simplicity Teas are not only delicious, but their potential health benefits are described on the labels and/or on their website.

Simplicity Teas Subscription BoxSource: Karen S. Freeman / iMore

You don't pick

Simplicity Teas Subscription Box : What I don't like

If I were creating my own subscription box, I'd probably pick an all caffeine-free option, or at least mostly caffeine-free. You can't do that with Simplicity Teas, though most of their boxes are 50/50 (mine was 75% with caffeine, 25% without.) I do love real tea, but I don't drink it very often, so I prefer more herbal options.

Drink to your health

Simplicity Teas Subscription Box: Bottom line

4.5 out of 5

While Simplicity Teas have not been evaluated by the FDA, the company aims to educate tea-drinkers about the possible health benefits of their teas. A subscription box is a great way to try out Simplicity Teas for as long as you like. The first box comes with an infuser, and the subscription auto-renews until you cancel it. The Simplicity Teas Subscription Box comes in two sizes: the mini, which contains two different teas for a total of up to 18 cups, and the regular size with is four different teas for up to 40 cups of tea.

Less or more tea, as you like

Simplicity Teas Subscription Box

Simplicity Teas Subscription Box

Health benefits

Learn about tea's health benefits as you sip delicious teas each month. With two different subscription box sizes, you can enjoy the right amount of tea for you.

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