Simply HDR has the potential of turning your ordinary photos into extraordinary ones. HDR photography has turned into an art form itself, and Simply HDR does a great job of creating these types of images with very little work from the user.

Most HDR apps require you to take at least two photos, each exposed differently, to be combined into a single image. Simply HDR aims to make the process, well, simpler, by performing the edits on just one photo. This is great for those times when you're browsing through your Camera Roll and realize that a photo you took the other day might look nice with some HDR processing.

After opening the photo you'd like to edit, you can choose from five different styles: High Dynamic Range, Black and White HDR, Contrasted HDR, Shadows and Lights, and Contrasted Light -- each of which has 9-15 different "filters" to choose from. Then you can adjust shadow and highlight corrections, vignette settings, grain strength, and add a tint.

Many people like the over-processed look that HDR photos can achieve, so if that's what you're looking for, Simply HDR does it well. Personally, I prefer subtle, natural-looking HDR processing. Lucky for me, Simply HDR has some options that fit my taste as well. The photo above is one such example.

If you pick this one up, we would love it if you shared your images with us in the iMore Photography Forum!

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