Siri has now been fully hacked onto an iPhone 4 and iPod touch and it now communicates with Apple’s servers to provide a 100% working solution. We told you a few weeks back that developer Steve Troughton-Smith was working on hacking Siri onto an iPhone 4 but had run into one or two hurdles. Well the main hurdle involved getting the hacked iPhone 4 to talk to Apple’s servers. That has now been overcome and it is now looking like a real possibility.

Talking to 9to5Mac, Steve Troughton-Smith revealed that the hack works across devices but requires files from an iPhone 4S that are not legally available to distribute. It also requires a validation token from a live jailbroken iPhone 4S. The whole hack involves around 20 steps to complete. Because of this, Steve Troughton-Smith doesn’t want to be involved in distributing the Siri port and has only done it to prove it can be done.

We don’t know at this point if others will take on the distribution and risk the wrath of Apple’s legal team, we will have to wait and see. In the mean time take a look at the two videos below. The first one shows the iPhone 4 running Siri side by side with an iPhone 4S and the second video shows Siri running on an iPod touch.

Source: 9to5Mac