It's been six months since Apple released the iPhone 4S and that means it's been six months since Apple launched Siri, their virtual personal assistant. Siri does a lot of things very well -- it's the fastest way to set alarms or Reminders, and an easy way to call someone, or respond to text messages while otherwise occupied.

However, it still isn't very consistent -- it will read SMS but not email, it will send SMS and Email but not tweets. And while it's added Japanese to its list of supported languages, that's all its added. Still no Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese, no Mandarin Chinese, or other popular languages. Even for the languages Siri does support, it's still hit or miss at times, and while it works wonderfully for some users, it doesn't seem to work at all for others. And, of course, the new iPad didn't get Siri at all...

Apple is still focusing most of their iPhone 4S marketing on Siri, with high profile celebrity ads involving Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschenel, and... Santa. And according to our own Ally Kazmucha's exclusive talk with Siri co-founder and former Apple employee, Dag Kittlaus, there's more to come.

But for now we just want to know how much you're using Siri? Do you rely on her (or him, depending on your language) all day, every day? Or do you use Siri so little you've forgotten it even exists? Vote in the poll up top and give us your honest opinion in our Siri Forum -- how much do you use Siri?

Siri six months later: How much are you using it? [Poll]