The guys from Applidium claim to have cracked Siri’s security protocol and it could open the floodgates to third party developers and of course other hardware too. There is a downside, in order to use Siri on one of these other devices; you still need to have a UDID of an iPhone 4S device. A UDID is a Unique Device Identifier and is a 40 character unique number assigned to every iPhone.

The iPhone 4S sends identifiers everywhere. So if you want to use Siri on another device, you still need the identfier of at least one iPhone 4S. Of course we’re not publishing ours, but it’s very easy to retrieve one using the tools we’ve written. Of course Apple could blacklist an identifier, but as long as you’re keeping it for personal use, that should be allright!

We have already seen Siri running on an iPhone 4 and an iPod touch; so this looks like another step nearer to getting it out there. Of course there is still the question of legalities and Apple could block the security hole at any minute. If you are a developer and want to play around with Siri integration in an app, Applidium has released a set of tools to help with that too.

Source: Applidium