Six months after launch, Apple Watch owners remain satisfied

A few months after their initial survey, Ben Bajarin of Techpinions and the team at Wristly have released the results of their new Apple Watch customer satisfaction survey. The survey, to an expanded panel of customers, shows that Apple Watch owners are, for the most part, still satisfied with their watches, to the tune of 96%.

People who started wearing the Apple Watch in its initial three months of April, May, and June appear to have the highest rate of satisfaction. Additionally, the people who work outside of the technology industry appear to be those enjoying their watches the most. The level of satisfaction also appears to correspond with the reason for purchasing the watch in the first place. From Techpinions:

Those who bought the watch to be used as a watch had the highest number of respondents who checked "very satisfied". The highest total satisfaction level, both at 98%, came from those who bought the watch for the notification capabilities and to be more active. The lowest satisfaction rating, a total of 93%, came from those who stated their sole purpose for buying was to evaluate it for tech or business. This group also had the highest level of respondents who checked "somewhat dissatisfied".

Watch owners ages 18-24 also appear to be the group that is happiest with their purchase, and most respondents also report wearing their watches every day. You can get a full look at the survey results from the link below.

Source: Techpinions

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