Got a TypePad account? Using MovableType? How about an iPhone? If you answer yes to all three, SixApart has just made your mobile blogging experience a whole lot easier. While the iPhone is pants at rendering any standard webpage, having a web frontend optimized for iPhone's native resolution is like licking cake batter off a spoon - yummy.

SixApart has announced full iPhone support for all TypePad bloggers. No downloading any scripts or hacking involved; it's there waiting for you. Now when you login to your admin account you'll be greeted with a pretty but minimalist interface that gets you where you want to go in the blink of an, or tap of the finger anyway.

But TypePad users aren't the only bloggers getting some iPhone love. Just so you MT users out there won't feel left out, SixApart has offering a free plugin for customers using their MovableType publishing system as well. The plugin is available as free download here and here.

So, um...hey, WordPress? Are you guys busy right now? Cause I was thinking, if you're not doing anything important, you might want to offer a similar solution. Just a thought.

mt-iphone-screenshot1.jpg mt-iphone-screenshot3.jpg mt-iphone-screenshot2.jpg