Hey, look who just got its first drawing app. Yes, our little iPhone is growing up so fast. In no time at all he'll be wearing his first service pack, and heading off to school to join his classmates from RIM, Microsoft, and Nokia. tears

LateNiteSoft created a nifty app who's time is long overdue. Sketches allows you to make drawings on iPhone's screen using your finger, opening a world of possibilities for utility and frivolity; draw simple sketches, scribble notes, annotate photos, or just pass away the time drawing mustaches on photos of your friends.

The software is currently in the proof of concept stage of development (that's Alpha, in geek vernacular) and offers no configuration options whatsoever. For example, only images from your iPhone's Camera roll can be be imported, and no drawing tool options are offered. Only a "Setup" button is present, but tapping that reveals a generic "Coming soon" promissory note.

Bear in mind Sketches is not a web 2.0 Safari app - it's one of those shady "unofficial" third party applications that involves utilizing installer mods like AppTap to get up and running. So use at your own peril.