Skyfire App Store

Skyfire, the Flash-transcoding browser for iPhone, will slowly, carefully be returning to the App Store today in small amounts and for limited times.:

We are going to open batches of downloads for new users over the coming days. The first batch will be in a few minutes on the Apple App Store. It will be first come, first serve.

Due to overwhelming demand, we are taking this approach because Skyfire believes a good user experience should come first, and we would rather have fewer, happier customers, and add new users as we can support them. We will open the first batches to US users only, with additional country support to follow shortly.

Please note that there may be some initial congestion as a flood of new users simultaneously try to use the service, but try again an hour later and things should smooth out.

We expect to open more batches frequently over the coming days.

So yes, they removed it because the demand from iPhone users was melting their transcoding servers (the machines that convert unsupported Flash to supported H.264 on the fly), but they'll slowly be letting it back out. And it's up to you to get

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[Skyfire blog, thanks to our good friend Phil for the heads-up!]