Skyfire Labs have released their new iPhone and iPad apps, Skyfire VideoQ, as a method of watching flash videos.

Skyfire VideoQ™ is a new kind of App that lets you watch Flash Videos while browsing with Safari or any iPad/iPhone browser! Simply click the ‘Mail Link to this Page’ on any browser to email the video URL to your ‘Queue’ and open the App.

  • Simply register your email address in the App.
  • Use the “Mail Link to this Page” button in Safari or any browser to email a webpage with a Flash video to
  • Videos sent from your email address will appear in your Skyfire VideoQ.
  • Copy the URL of a webpage that has a Flash video and open Skyfire VideoQ.
  • Install our bookmarklet into Safari. Once you find a page with a Flash video, just use the bookmarket to send the page to your Skyfire VideoQ.

One of the biggest complaints about iOS is the incompatibility with Flash. Skyfire VideoQ may not completely fill that gap, but since a huge amount of Flash content on the web is video, it's a great solution for many people.

Skyfire VideoQ is available on the iPhone and iPad for $1.99. Screenshots and video after the break.

[iTunes link]

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