skype 5.0 iphone

The new 5.0 version of Skype is now available to download for iPhone devices, after being announced by Microsoft earlier this week. This update revamps its user interface so it looks more like its Windows Phone and Android counterparts.

Microsoft claims that in addition to the UI update, Skype 5.0 for the iPhone should load and perform five times faster than the previous version. Switching from different sections from the app, from contacts to conversations for example, should also be a smoother experience with this version.

Group chats can now begin at the hub in this update, plus messages sent to offline contacts will be seen by their recipients when they get back online. Finally, messages will now sync up and be marked as read on the iPhone if you are chatting with another Skype client, even if it is on a different platform. There's no word on when this update will make its way to the iPad version.

Download - Skype 5.0 for iPhone

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