Skype to add synchronized messaging, battery conservation in coming months

Microsoft's Mark Gillett - the vice president responsible for Skype - describes improvements coming to the popular communication service in the coming months. Those changes include synchronized chat messages, improvements to battery management on mobile devices and more. From the Skype blog:

We also know that people are engaging more and more with each other and with Skype across multiple devices at home, on the go, and at work so we are working to synchronize chat message status across all of your devices so you will know the current status of all of your chats on every device you use to interact with Skype. This capability will be rolling out across clients over the next few months.

The secret behind Skype's battery preservation on mobile devices comes from keeping the app in "sleep" mode and waking it only when necessary using push notifications.

A common feature in mobile apps, these notifications are the same technology that provide updates on sports scores, weather bulletins, or breaking news. In order to send a push notification message to a sleeping Skype app, the calling app sends the Skype ID and IP address of the parties, as well as the time and date, to our cloud.

Right now, when you open Skype on a second device, be it iOS or Mac or another platform, messages will explode at random intervals and otherwise make you want to end it. If Skype can fix that - big if - they'll take a huge step forwards to being a true multi-device communications systems.

But can they really do it?

Source: Skype blog