Skype for iPhone and iPad gain data detection for phone numbers, dates, and more

Microsoft has updated its Skype apps for iPhone and iPad, adding support for data detection in text conversations. Data detection finds things like phone numbers, addresses, and dates, and allows you to interact with them.

Skype 6.6 on both iPhone and iPad also makes it easier to multitask. Check out the changes below:

Phone number, date and address detection in your conversations:

  • Call a phone number (using Skype Credit) direct from highlighted numbers.
  • Set up calendar events by tapping highlighted dates, days and times.
  • Check locations in Maps directly from highlighted addresses.

Making it easier to multi-task in Skype:

  • Quickly return to a call by pressing the Active Call banner in Skype.
  • Use the unread counter to easily see how many unread conversations you have when in a conversation.

You can grab Skype for both iPhone and iPad from the App Store now.

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