Skype login on iPhone

Skype for iPhone today received an update that lets users edit messages they've already sent and makes it easier to set favorites. The update, bringing the app to version 5.1, also makes it possible to remove conversations from your recents list by pressing and holding.

Editing messages is done easily enough — press and hold, then make your edits. Like with the desktop Skype client, whomever you are chatting with will get an indicator that the message has been edited. It's nice to have the option to make those edits, considering that it's a rare messaging platform that lets you go back and fix stupid spelling and grammar mistakes after hitting send.

The update also lets users add favorite conversations directly in the favorites screen, and includes improvements to VoiceOver and overall performance and stability. Skype 5.1 for iPhone is available today for free from the App Store — the iPad version is still being left behind with the older interface and feature set.

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