Skype launches video messaging service

Microsoft has added video messaging to the Skype app for iOS. In an update in December, under-the-hood improvements were made that were intended to support future feature launches. This morning, Skype added the ability to send video messages, each up to three minutes in length, to your Skype contacts.

To send a message on either the iPhone or iPad, select the person you wish to message to bring up the available contact options. There should now be a button labled “Video Message” on their contact sheet. Tap the button to be taken to the recording screen, the press record when you’re ready. A small countdown from three minutes will appear. When you’re done recording your message, tap the record button again. You will then be able to add a title and description to your message, delete or re-record it, or send it.

Skype says that they are currently testing this feature with a “group of mobile and Mac users” and it may not be available for everyone just yet. Video messaging on both iPhone and iPad was launched without a separate app update, so those wishing to use it should just have the latest update, which was released last week.

Source: Skype

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