Skype has pushed an update to their iPhone and iPad applications that brings with it free, unlimited video messaging. Previously, free video messaging was limited with premium accounts only having an unlimited allowance, but that time is now over. Video messaging rolled out gradually, with an initial launch tested with iPhone, iPad and Mac users before a global launch just a couple of weeks ago.

Video clips can be up to three minutes long, and the fact that all users can now send as many as they like has lots of positive implications for continued use of the service. A call is not always convienient, but there's something a lot more personal about seeing someone as they're speaking to you. Like they really, actually do want to talk to you.

Beyond opening up video messaging yet further, Skype has also thrown in a bunch of stability improvements for both audio and video calls, along with more reliable photo sharing and a bunch of bug fixes. I have to confess I've still not yet taken Skype video messaging for a test drive, how many of you have tried it? What do you think to it?

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