Sleep specialist Roy J.E.M Raymann joins Apple, awakens yet more iWatch and Healthbook rumors

If iWatch and the rumored iPhone 6 "Healthbook" feature are keeping you awake at night, then good news! — It looks like Apple has hired a sleep expert, Roy J.E.M Raymann, to join the health team! Jordan Kahn, 9to5Mac:

Joining a longlist of Apple executives and new hires thought to be working on Apple's highly anticipated iWatch project, the company has recently picked up Roy J.E.M Raymann from Philips Research, an expert on sleep research with extensive experience in wearables, sensors, and non-pharmacological methods of improving sleep quality.

As any good ZEN & TECH listener knows, sleep is one of the pillars of a healthy, happy life. The Apple M7 coprocessor already handles motion, which can be useful for fitness and exercise, and with sleep rumored to be getting some attention, that just leaves nutrition...

The really interesting thing, of course, will be seeing how Apple integrates sleep monitoring into the coming ecosystem. Would simply wearing an iWatch, like wearing any of a dozen currently existing health bands today, be enough?