Slide uses iBeacons for a more private photo sharing experience

Slide is a new app that uses iBeacons technology to let you share photos with the people around you. Using Apple's iBeacon protocol for proximity sensing, Slide confines your sharing range to just 200 feet, hoping to provide a truly personal sharing experience.

It's fairly easy to share photos with Slide. You take a photo, then slide your finger up the screen. To share a previously-taken picture, select an image and do the same. Your image will appear in a feed, and you can share them with Slide users connected to Bluetooth. You can like, comment on, and re-share photos in your feed. You can select who in this group gets to see your pictures, and you can set photos to self-destruct.

You can invite your friends to Slide using a pre-populated text message, and then when they're nearby, you can share your photos. You ultimately control who gets to see your photos, and can choose to share with only certain friends.

You can give Slide a try to see what you think by downloading the app from the App Store now.