Slope is a new Kickstarter project that aims to be not only multifunctional but is designed in a way that makes you wonder why Apple themselves didn't design something similar. The best part is, it doesn't only work with the iPad, but any tablet you have laying around.

The unique thing about Slope is that it doesn't depend on traditional brackets, levers, or magnets to hold the device in place. Instead it uses suction by way of thousands of tiny suction cups that create air pockets. This is why Slope should work with almost any device or tablet you've got laying around.

Suction is the thing that drives its function. Slope has two nanofoam pads affixed to its aluminum base, one gripping the backside of the tablet, the other gripping the surface of the desk underneath. These pads are comprised of a special make of foam that, as you can see from the video, are extremely effective.

The creators of Slope need $60,000 before December 20th to get the project funded and as of writing this, they've currently managed just above $43,000. If you choose to help fund Slope there are quite a few options they're offering backers. The minimum pledge amount is only $1 while the max is $134. There are several in betweens that'll get you different items for helping Slope reach its goal. For $69 you'll get a full size Dekke Slope large enough for 10" tablets, which means your iPad, if the project is funded. It's not a bad deal and in my opinion, it's a much more elegant solution than stands and docks that are currently on the market for iPad.

Hit the link below to check out more photos, info, and to back the project on Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter