An interesting startup for the kitchen, Drop has just hit the pre-ordering stage of its release. Set to retail for $99, the smart scales will be available for a limited time only at $80 for "early bakers" (and there's free shipping for the first 2,000 customers). Drop will not only replace standard kitchen scales for weighing food and ingredients, but the companion app for the iPad that will further enhance functionality.

The smart device will also scale recipes up or down and suggest alternative ingredients should you not be in possession of certain elements. But it's much more than a simple scale, there are also proven recipes, guiding users through each step and even calculates everything automatically. Extra functionality includes creating shopping lists and more. The iPad and Drop communicate through Bluetooth, but do note that you'll need at least an iPad 3 or iPad Mini to use the product.

An app is also available for iPhones but is rather limited in features compared to its tablet counterpart. Android support is expected to come soon. Check out the Drop website for more details on pre-ordering a unit for your kitchen. If you refer enough people to purchase Drop ($5 for each referral), you may end up getting the product for free, which is a neat option.