We are now launching the cool project we were hinting at in the last podcast: the Smartphone Round Robin. For the next 2 or three weeks, all of the editors of the various Smartphone Experts sites will be using one of the "other" smartphones out there.

For me, this week, it means using a BlackBerry 8310. For Dieter of WMExperts, it means using a Treo 680. for Jennifer of TreoCentral, it means using her iPhone. And for Kevin of CrackBerry.com, it means using the AT&T Tilt. There are rules that we've all got to follow -- we all have to give the device a full shakedown. I'll be posting an article later today about my first few days with the Curve, and then a full article on Friday.

This week, I'll be posting a few articles about the strengths and weaknesses of using a BlackBerry. I've already got a few posts in at CrackBerry.com.

So what's in it for you? Well, there's a chance to win a prize: a smartphone of your choice and plenty of coupons to spend at the store associated with it. Just leave a comment in any Round Robin thread in the forums. Four sites, four chances to win per day. Just head on over to the Smartphone Round Robin update page for the deets.