Snag a 32GB Apple TV with an HDMI cable for 20

If you haven't yet pulled the trigger on the new Apple TV, RadioShack is currently offering a pretty good deal on the 32GB version of the set-top-box bundled with an HDMI cable for $120. For comparison, the 32GB model usually runs $150 alone, so this deal is a savings of $30 plus the value of the included HDMI cable.

There is a slight catch, in that orders are limited to one per person. Additionally, shipping isn't free, and you can expect to pay $5.95 to have the unit shipped to your door. Still, it's a decent savings if you're looking to give the latest Apple TV a shot.

Update: For those looking for more storage, it looks like you can also pick up the 64GB version with a bundled HDMI cable for $170.

See at RadioShack

Via: Dan Frakes (Twitter)