Snapchat is clamping down on third-party apps, threatens to lock accounts

Snapchat has a had a rough few weeks in terms of security. People's photos were allegedly stolen and posted online recently through the use of a third-party apps. Those apps used reversed-engineered APIs to access the service, which creates a significant vulnerability in account security.

Now, the company appears to be taking a hardline against the practice by sending out emails to those who have been utilizing third-party apps.

We've gotten numerous tips from people receiving emails from the company asking the user to stop using third-party Snapchat apps:

"We've noticed that you're using a third-party application to access Snapchat, putting yourself (and possibly your friends) at risk. Please change your password and stop using third-party applications when you access Snapchat.

The email then directs users to for more information, which reveals the consequences for not heeding their warning:

"If you do not stop using third-party applications, your account may be permanently locked."

For what it is worth, Snapchat has said they will develop a public API to avoid such security breaches in the future. However, there is no ETA on when that API development will be completed.

For now, users will evidently have to stop using third-party apps or risk having their accounts permanently locked.

Source: Snapchat Blog; via: Windows Central Forums; Thanks, Elias, and others, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino
  • And all the children said...BOO!
  • We all know what people use Snapchat for.
  • Snapchat needs to die and disappear. Worst piece of software out there.
  • Agreed Sent from the iMore App
  • so why do people install this kind of dodgy software and then complain in the first place? there is so much software / apps in the App Store where the security is just bonkers... having worked in the games industry creating games for the X360 / PS3 family, every time i was asking about security the answer was not now or huh security?
  • Kidde App Sent from the iMore App
  • Screw em. Deleted that crap a while back. Sorry I ever downloaded it but got talked into it by friends. Its like Face book but worse because now you get a notification every time some one want's to post and ignorant picture.