Part of today's Google+ event announcements centered on Snapseed, and some new features coming to the Google acquired photo editing software. Of all of them, one much touted new feature was the HDR Scape filter, and the iOS application has just been updated with all the newness. But if you're not on iOS 7 you should tread carefully.

The iPhone camera has been able to take a form of HDR images for some time now, but the demonstration at the Google event showed some pretty dramatic effects applied to your photos. True HDR requires multiple images, but Google is trying to replicate the effects artificially.

A word of warning goes out to anyone still using iOS 5 or iOS 6, though. There is a bug that causes problems with sharing and saving images, and Google says that an update will be released for this in due course. For everyone else, grab the latest version from the App Store at the link below. Where does Snapseed stand in your mobile photo editing arsenal?

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