Snowflake internet radio app launches in public beta

Vemedio, the developer behind the Instacast podcast app, has announced their latest app for Mac, Snowflake. Built for OS X Yosemite, Snowflake lets you stream internet radio from thousands of stations. The app is available right now as a free public beta from Vemedio's website.

Snowflake helps you find internet radio stations easily using search or a genre list. In addition to helping you find free music, Snowflake will also auto-detect available purchase links to the tracks you listen to on both the iTunes Store and Amazon.

The app offers a number of controls for playing music. You can select multiple audio devices for Snowflake's sound, switching them on and off from within the app. You'll also have access to a 10-band equalizer to customize how the music sounds. There are also a number equalizer presets as well.

Snowflake is free to download and use while in public beta. However, there is currently an option to purchase a full license for the app, which will unlock control of external speakers, as well as the equalizer for $9.99 after the formal launch of the app.

Source: Vemedio