The same developers that brought you Alto's Adventure, are now tackling another board sport with the newly announced Skate City. Snowman released a teaser trailer in a blog post.

After watching that teaser, I'm already sold. The last few moments gave us a glimpse at what looks to be a beautiful game. Just check out the artwork in this press photo below.

Snowman is not typically so forthcoming with details on their upcoming titles. On top of Skate City, they have three other games in development right now: Alto's Odyssey, Where Cards Fall, and Distant, and information on each one is sparse. It looks like they plan on taking a different approach with Skate City.

"Usually, we maintain a little more mystery around what to expect in our upcoming games. When it comes to skating however, so much of the joy comes from sharing your skills with others, and collaborating to push yourself to new heights. This is why we'll be regularly sharing clips from the game on Instagram throughout development! Definitely follow along for an inside look at the world of Skate City."

There is no word on a release date, but if this game is even half as good as Alto's Adventure, you can bet I'll be downloading day one. I look forward to keeping tabs on how this game develops.

If you're dying to see more of Skate City, check out the game's Instagram!

Are you excited for Skate City?

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