So what do you think of your iPad mini?

It's been just over a week now since Apple launched the iPad mini and while many of us are still waiting for our cellular iPad mini's to ship, others have had a chance to really give Apple's newest, smallest tablet a go. So what do you think?

Does the lack of Retina display bother you? Is it a deal-breaker? Do the things you do on your iPad mini make no Retina a non-issue, or a constant source of consternation? Is the smaller screen size a portability boost or a usability loss? Can you still read easily? Can you still tap easily? Does the smaller size mean you're carrying the iPad mini around a lot, in pockets or purses? Or does it just make it harder to get more serious work done?

We've given you our full iPad mini review write-up and iPad mini review podcast, and now we want to hear from you! Vote in the poll up top and tell me how you really feel in the comments below. Is the iPad mini for you, and why or why not?