Last Friday Apple finished opening the floodgates on both the new high-end iPhone 5s, middle-tier iPhone 5c, and hold-over iPhone 4s and according to the sales they disclosed, 9 million units flew out the warehouses and off the shelves. No matter which way you analyze it - or sadly try to doom-say it - that's a helluvalota iPhones. Was one of them yours?

iPhone 5c got an early advantage by virtue of week-long pre-orders. That's fine. iPhone 5c wasn't meant to be an opening weekend smash-hit, early adopter, every-geek-must-have phone. It's the long tail play. It's the brightly colored box on the shelves over the holidays and throughout the year. It's the new, popular iPhone.

iPhone 5s, on the other hand, was highly constrained. It was so constrained there were no pre-orders and when same-day orders started, shipping dates pushed out into October almost immediately. There were a good number of space gray models available at stores, but nowhere nearly as many silver, and almost no gold. That didn't matter. A lot of us braved the lineups, stood out overnight, and brought our new iPhones home.

iPhone 4s on the other hand probably didn't amount to a ton of first-weekend sales, but like the iPhone 5c it'll sit on the shelves for the rest of the year and lure it's share of people into stores. At $0 on contract it's the lure, the new cheapest way to get into the iPhone as a platform. How many bite, and how many see it beside the iPhone 5c and figure the extra $100 is worth it remains to be seen.

All we have to go by is you. So, we're going by you! Which iPhone model, and in which color did you get? Never mind capacity or color for now, we'll do separate polls for that later, but let us know - which iPhone did you get, and what color did you get it in? Vote up top and tell me why you chose the way you did in the comments below!