Mixel is a new iPad app that brings art and social networking together. With Mixel, you can create collages from Mixel's collection, the web, or your library. Once your creation, or Mixel, is complete, share it with the Mixel community and Facebook. Now, this is just the beginning of Mixel's social skills - now that you've shared your Mixel, it is available for other users to remix and make as their own. Each version of a collage is saved so that the evolution of changes can be seen.

Mixel is a new, free creativity app for iPad that completely reinvents collage so that everyone can do it. Everything in Mixel can be shared and remixed, making it the world’s first truly social art app. It’s fun, easy and totally different.

Mixel is available for the iPad for free.

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Introducing Mixel for iPad from Mixel App on Vimeo.

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