Social awareness catapults Tim Cook to 'Person of the Year'

For his efforts in diversity, sustainability, and forging strong partnerships to propel Apple's performance, CEO Tim Cook is the Person of the Year pick for the Financial Times in 2014. The publication highlights Cook's efforts to do the right thing when it comes to Apple's commitment to social and environmental responsibility while at the same time increasing Apple's stock prices by 50 percent this year compared to a tumultuous 2013.

The Financial Times wrote of Mr. Cook:

Financial success and dazzling new technology alone might have been enough to earn Apple's steely chief executive the FT's vote as the 2014 Person of the Year, but Mr Cook's brave exposition of his values also sets him apart.

This year, Cook introduced the new OS X Yosemite operating system and iOS 8 alongside a strong portfolio of hardware. Cook also unveiled Apple's foray into the wearables market with the Apple Watch. But he also pushed for diversity, a stronger commitment to the environment, and bravely came out in support of gay rights as a gay man himself:

"We do things for other reasons than a profit motive, we do things because they are right and just," Mr Cook growled. Whether in human rights, renewable energy or accessibility for people with special needs, "I don't think about the bloody ROI," Mr Cook said, in the same stern, uncompromising tone that Apple employees hope they never have to hear. "Just to be very straightforward with you, if that's a hard line for you . . . then you should get out of the stock."

Cook also forged a renewed interest in music with the Beats by Dre acquisition, new partnerships with the fashion and fitness industry, and a partnership with IBM to give Apple an enterprise push.

You can read the full profile of Tim Cook and why he made the Financial Times' 2014 Person of the Year at the source link below.

Source: Financial Times