iphone 6

Apple won't be selling the iPhone 6 officially in China for a while, but that gives some buyers of the smartphone today the opportunity to make a quick profit by reselling the phone in that country.

According to Reuters, many people who stood in line to get the iPhone 6 in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia plan to immediately resell the device in China. One Hong Kong man claims he paid some friends in Japan to buy as many as 35 iPhone 6 units but only ended up with 25 phones.

Officially, the government run Chinese news media says that Apple still needs a network license to sell the iPhone 6 in that country but didn't offer any word on how long that might take. It's possible that Apple may have to way until sometime in 2015 to official sell the phone in China, which will give all those scaplers plenty of time to make some quick bucks.

How do you feel about people lining up to buy the iPhone 6 just to resell them in China at a much higher price?

Source: Reuters