Hi, iMore! Anthony is busy editing together all the great video we've shot so far from CES; we've seen a few really cool things (almost-hoverboards! Microbial scanners with iOS apps!) and rest assured we'll have more on them for you very soon.

But until we post those videos, here's a small taste of the strange toll CES takes on a reporter, in the form of a freewrite recorded after 12 hours of walking around and various press conferences and events. I really like the chaos of CES, but it turns out that chaos doesn't always work well when you want to do some off-the-cuff rhyming after the fact.

Still, it's a fun little window into my own little insanity, and as such, it's this week's At the Core. Next week will be more coherent, I promise. And probably contain fewer ukulele solos.