Apple and Sonos have started a joint marketing campaign tied to the arrival of Apple Music on the wireless home speaker system. Dubbed "Music Makes it Home," the campaign is meant to highlight the positive correlation that listening to music has on overall quality of life, with data taken from a Sonos survey of 30,000 people around the world that took place between December 29, 2016, and January 8, 2016. In particular, the study focused on the benefits of playing music out loud, as opposed to through headphones.

From Sonos:

There's all sorts of change happening in the music industry. Streaming music is becoming a preferred medium, and it's never been easier to listen to music out loud at home. Sonos undertook this study and experiment in order to better understand the transformative power of listening to music out loud at home.

Part of the study also looked at the effect that music had on 30 families. Sonos also recruited the artists St. Vincent, Killer Mike, and Matt Berninger.

Participants were sent packages to help with Sonos' study. Each package contained an Apple Watch, along with iBeacon devices for indoor tracking. Those participants without an iPhone 5 or newer were also sent an iPhone 6s. Sonos speakers with Apple Music were also delivered to the homes participating in the study.

Sonos has posted detailed breakdowns and feeds from its research on its Tumblr page, split into sections on happiness, togetherness, and love.

Source: Sonos (Tumblr); via: AppleInsider