Sony Cyber-shot 'lens cameras,' iOS app available later this month

In late August rumors surfaced about new lens cameras in Sony's lineup that worked with iPhones. At the IFA trade show in Berlin on Wednesday, Sony confirmed plans to release just that. The new QX100 and QX10 are coming later this month for $500 and $250, respectively. Andrew Martonik at Android Central has the lowdown:

The QX100 and QX10 are effectively complete point-and-shoot cameras without the actual camera body attached, stuffing all of the functions of a camera into a standard-sized lens assembly. The lens-style cameras pair to any smart phone over NFC (or manually if necessary) and connect over Wifi, turning your phone into a late viewfinder and control mechanism for the camera. Pictures taken when paired with a phone are saved to both the camera and the phone, and can be instantly shared as if they were taken with the phone itself.

While a clip is included that lets you attach the lens cameras to a smartphone, it's really superflous - you can operate the lens camera completely independently if need be, with on-board MicroSD card storage too. But paired with an iOS or Android app, your phone can act as a viewfinder that can adjust settings, start and stop movie recordings and take photos. Sony has released an accompanying PlayMemories Mobile app designed to facilitate these features.

These lens cameras provide sophisticated point and shoot digital photo capabilities without the bulk of a conventional P&S camera body. Can you see yourself using this, or does the idea of mating it to your iPhone horrify you? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Android Central

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